Choose 2 Calculation Methods

…and see both if those times in the widget. Or if we had the option to be able customize more than one prayer widget for our screen so we could see both times simultaneously. 

One use for this would be for spouses who adhere to two different schools of thought or who follow organizations that differ on the method of calculation. 
Another would be for those who striving to be scrupulous with regard to completing acts of worship by making sure their prayer is valid in more than one school of thought and/or in accordance with more than one calculation method. For example, let’s say I follow ISNA but their calculation method for Fajr results in a later time than the Muslim World League, who my husband follows. If I would like to make Tahajjud and Fajr at a time that adheres to both, I follow the Muslim World League for Tahajjud and then wait for the ISNA time for  Fajr due to it being later. Then, my Tahajjud and my Fajr are valid for both calculations.
I hope that makes sense. 

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