How to Use Manual Location

For the most accurate prayer times for your location, we always recommend using Automatic location in the Settings. But we understand that this may not always be feasible for all users, so we have a couple of options in the settings for using manual location.

Manually enter your city name

Settings > Location > City > Search for your city name

Can’t find the city you’re searching for?

The location picker in Pray Watch relies on Apple’s built-in location api, so when a user is experiencing issues in manually finding a location it’s usually because Apple is using another name for that location. Here’s what we suggest to help figure out that name:

  • Open your weather app
  • Search for the city you’re looking for
  • Take note of the full name that appears

Use the full name as a clue for how to enter the name into the Pray Watch manual location finder. 

Example: When searching for “Stuttgart Germany” in Pray Watch, no results are found. After searching the same name in the Weather app, it appears as “Stuttgart Baden-Württemberg, Germany”. So a user can go back into Pray Watch, search for “Baden” and the first result shows Baden-Württemberg.

Sometimes, a city name still won’t appear, even after typing it in the same way that it appears in another Apple app. In that case, we suggest locating the nearest city to the one you’re looking for and search for that one instead.

Example: For some reason, we can’t enter Amman, Jordan into the manual location finder in Pray Watch. It is listed as “Amman Amman, Jordan” in the Weather app, but it still won’t appear in the Pray Watch list. So a user can instead enter “Zarqa” or “Jerash” in the search.

If neither of these options work you, you can try the GPS coordinates method below.

Manually enter GPS coordinates

Settings > Location > Coordinates > Enter the coordinates for your location (don’t forget the +/-)

The city name (“Manual Location”) is for display purposes only, so you can manually enter a custom name in this field. Also check that the Time zone is correct.