How to Use the Snooze Option

The Snooze option is very useful for post-adhan reminders. After you receive the adhan notification, you can use the snooze option to remind you again after XX minutes so that you don’t forget to pray.

You can continue to snooze the reminder until the time for prayer is nearly over, after which the app will alert you that you cannot snooze anymore without missing the current prayer.

First, you should set the Snooze minutes by going to Settings > Snooze time > and set it to the number of minutes you want.

Now you’re ready to use the Snooze!

When you receive an adhan notification on your device, simply long-press the notification on iOS (or just tap notification on WatchOS), and hit the Snooze button.

Snooze on iOS
Snooze on WatchOS