How to Change the Adhan/Notification Sound

You can choose a different notification and reminder sound for each prayer:

Go to Times > Tap a prayer name > Tap Notification Sound or Reminder Sound

Notification Sound (the sound to play when the prayer time begins):

  • Adhan – choose from over 35 beautiful adhan sounds from around the world (Fajr adhans are denoted with a “sunrise” icon)
  • Tones – choose from a variety of long and short discreet sounds, including nature, nasheeds, drums, and even some Ertugrul theme songs!
  • Silent – this will send a notification, but no sound
  • Off – this will not send a notification or sound

Reminder Sound (the sound to play when the prayer time approaches or when snooze reminder is set):

  • Either choose one of the Tones, Silent, or Off