How to Adjust the Prayer Times

If you’re noticing that some of the prayer times are significantly different from your local masjid or regional authority, please check the steps mentioned in this article first to make sure your settings are correct.

If the differences are significant only for Fajr and Isha, please see this article for an explanation on how these times are calculated and why their might be such large differences.

If you’ve completed those steps and your times are still consistently off by just a few minutes, you can make an adjustment to the individual prayer times within the settings by doing the following: 

In the app, go to Settings > Calculation > Adjustments

From there you can make adjustments to individual prayer times as needed.

Curious about the Elevation rule setting? This is used specifically for cities located at high latitudes to account for difficult Fajr and Isha times. To read more, please see this article.