Fix: Watch Complication Not Working After Update

After a major update, sometimes the Watch complications can act up and need to be fixed. If your Watch complications are no longer showing up after an update, please try the options below to get it fixed.

Note: The new update (version 16) will only work on Watches running WatchOS 8 and above.

Remove & Re-add

Try removing and re-adding the complication directly from the watch face itself (NOT the Watch app on your phone). This has helped fix 95% of support requests after the iOS 16 update, but you must do this from the watch face itself for it to work.

Swipe Away & Swipe Back

If the complication is stuck, not showing the correct information, or the words/numbers are cutoff, try swiping away to another watch face and then swipe back to the original face. The information should update and be more readable.

Complications Aesthetics

If the issue you’re experiencing is with the corner complications not looking the way they used to, this is an issue from Apple that we are waiting for them to fix. We are using the very latest code from Apple, and unfortunately they still have to catch up and update their old complications to use the new code. Once they do that and experience the aesthetics issues of those corner complications, we anticipate it will be updated very soon after.

Still Having Trouble?

If you’ve tried these ideas or if this post doesn’t answer your question, please reach out to our support team by using the Feedback button in the app, and we will help you troubleshoot further insha’Allah.