Fix: Watch Complication Not Working After Update

After a major update, sometimes the Watch complications can act up and need to be fixed. If your Watch complications are no longer showing up after an update, or if there is a coloured square or the Pray Watch logo in place of the complication, please try the options below to get it fixed.

Note: The new update (version 15) will only work on Watches running WatchOS 8 and above.

Manage Through the Watch App on iPhone

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Select your Watch Face from the “My Faces” list.
  3. Under the Complications section, select the position of the complication that you’re trying to fix.
  4. The problem will be clear if there are duplicate Pray Watch items in the list of complications.
  5. If so, select the other duplicate item from the list of Pray Watch complications.
  6. Move back to the previous screen and you should see the watch face update.

Remove the Complication

  1. Edit the watch face, and remove the complication by selecting “Off” from the list. (the top most item in the list)
  2. Exit to the Home Screen to save the setting. (There should be a blank space in place of the complication)
  3. Edit the watch face again, and select the Pray Watch complication of your choice.

Still Having Trouble?

We’ve seen both of these options fix the complications for most users. But if you’ve tried them and you’re still experiencing issues with the watch face complication, please reach out to our support team by using the Feedback button in the app, and we will help you troubleshoot further insha’Allah.