Why does the app show different times in the same location?

Are you and a family member seeing different prayer times in the app, even though you’re in the same house?

Since our app calculates the prayer times right on your device, there are many variables that could be causing this small difference in time. It could even be small fractions of a degree depending on how each of your devices generate their GPS coordinates.

Some troubleshooting questions to consider:

  • Are you both using Automatic GPS in the settings?
  • What about when you compare the GPS coordinates, are they exactly the same? (You can access this info in Pray Watch > Settings > Location)
  • What about your actual phones? Are they same model, size, etc?
  • Are both phones running the latest iOS update?
  • Are they both using the same calculation method in the app?

If any of these are different, they could cause slight differences between the prayer time calculations generated by the app. We understand this can be frustrating to see and suggest that you take a look at this article which explain more about time differences and how to make adjustments: Why don’t the prayer times match my local masjid?